Extant Season 1 Episode 3 Wish You Were Here

If you want to watch Extant Season 1 Episode 3 Wish You Were Here free episodes withal and high quality commercial the right website. Watch Extant Season 1 Episode 3 Wish You Were Here and different scenes in amazing streaming free of charge. Stream Extant Season 1 Episode 3 Wish You Were Here on the web. Ethan begins his first day of primary school. John and Molly attempt to persuade a gathering of concerned guardians that their child represents no danger. Sparkles prepares a story to clarify Molly’s pregnancy, with the objective of inspiring her to go to a contained ISEA region for testing over two or three days. He suggest that her infant was hers and John’s. Molly goes to Kryger’s trailer, yet he is not there. She sees a weird image, molded as an Apollonian gasket, on the room divider. John arranges a birthday party for Molly to adjust for the one she missed while in space. Molly is amazed to see Marcus’ sibling Tim goes to. Subsequent to conversing with Tim all through the gathering, Molly finds (in perspective of John) that she was the special case who could see him. Molly at long last tells John that while she was in space, the ISEA investigated her without her assent and that she is pregnant. Dr. Barton stops by the gathering and takes an example of Molly’s blood to test for DNA at ISEA yet is restricted by security from entering her office to play out the test. While strolling around, Barton sees an ISEA group gutting Molly’s office, and calls her at home. She is told by John that Molly is headed to ISEA with Sparks. Barton sends a critical content to Molly, advising her to escape Sparks’ auto. Molly escapes by hopping out of the auto and meets John, who had been tailing her out of concern. Later, Sparks and an ISEA attack group storm the Woods’ home, however it is unfilled.

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